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Conveyor belts sometimes develop a trough or irregular wear from the material they transport. Various cleaner designs to address this problem were tested, but could not conform to irregular shapes to completely clean the entire belt.

Depending on what a conveyor carries, belts can wear unevenly and can suffer surface damage. The BELLE BANNE E-Type is a belt cleaner that you can count on to clean your conveyor belts safely, no matter what kind of belt you’re using. 


Easy to install and forward and reverse rotation compatible, The BELLE BANNE H-Type is the ideal cleaner for head-type conveyors in whitch total safety is the overriding consideration.


The BELLE BANNE P-Type is a simplified basic model for exclusive use with forward rotation cnveyors. 


The BELLE BANNE R-Type can be used with forward and reverse rotation conveyors. 


The BELLE BANNE U-Type features a single-blade with an arrow shaped blade that is designed to remove adhesive materials effectively.

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