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By applying Pascal´s principle, new BELLE BANNE A-type belt cleaner is able to overcome the problem of trough or irregular wear of the conveyor belts.

Conveyor belts sometimes develop a trough or irregular wear from the material they transport. Various cleaner designs to address this problem were tested, but could not conform to irregular shapes to completely clean the entire belt.
Our new BELLE BANNE A-type cleaner is able to overcome this problem by applying Pascal´s principle. The cleaner has segmented tips that individually adjust to troughs or wear to apply uniform pressure on the entire width of the belt. The cleaner efficiently eliminates carryback from the belt to maintain a clean working environment.

A fluid containing rubber tube is placed below the cushion supporting the tips of the BELLE BANNE A-type cleaner. When pressure is applied to the tips from the trough or wear, the tips adjust to the shape independently so that pressure is applied uniformly to the entire belt. If for example pressure is applied on the tips on both ends such as shown in Fig. 1, the center tip rises, making contact with the belt. By doing so, the cleaner efficiently clean the entire belt. 

The cushions that support the tips are made of rubber and have a wavy shape.

The rubber cushions that support the vertical movement of the tips absorb the pressure from the belt, and the wavy shape helps the tips make tight contact with the belt (Fig. 2) . The wavy shape also helps to buffer any sudden external pressure from directions A, B, or C in the figure to ensure safety.   

The tips are made of cemented carbide and the cover sheets are made of super high polymer polyethylene.
The tip that come to in contact with the belt are made of cemented carbide that is supposed to 3 thousands of times more resistant to wear than iron is. The cover sheet is made of super high polymer polyethylene that is approximately 15 times more resistant to wear than conventional polyethylene.
(Cemented carbide tips that can stand up to belts with metal joints are also available.)  

Easy to mount and doesn´t require a lot of 
space for mounting.

The BELLE BANNE A-type cleaner is mounted between point A directly below the drive pulley and point B just before the snap pulley as shown in Fig. 3. If belt tension is weak or vibration occurs in the belt, a pressure roller should be provided when the cleaner is mounted. Fluid containing tube is an all-in-one assembly and can be replaced all at once.  



  • The cleaner should be inspected in its entirety once every two
  • The replacement period for tips depends upon what sort of
          things are transported on the belt, but generally should be
          replaced when approximately two-thirds (approx. 7 mm) of the
          cemented carbide wears away.
  • This would be approximately 18 months if the belt were operated 
         8 hours a day at a speed of 120 meters per minute.   



     1.  The cleaner cannot be used with climber belts. 
     2.  Ambient temperature should not exceed 80°C. 
     3.  Contact us for advice concerning usage under conditions not specified herein.


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